Ladakh – The land of Gompas and Lamas. A cold and difficult tarrain at very high altitude. Wild and Beutiful, Tough and fragile all at the same time. Nothing that we had visited before prepared us for the wild and lonely beuty that is Ladakh. These are memories from our visit to Ladakh in May 2009. The team consisted of seven Ranades.  starting with a short … Continue reading Ladakh

Royal Quarters, Red Fort

The royal quarters in Red fort consist of number of buildings built and adorned in Mogul style. One of the interesting features of these buildings is Nahar i Bahisht (River from Paradise). A small canal running the length of the main building. Keeping it cool and giving a visual interest. The royal dressing room, bathroom, prayer room and of course Rang Mahal. The royals were … Continue reading Royal Quarters, Red Fort

Alai Minar

Alai Minar in Qutub complex is an unfinished endeavour of Allauddin Khilji. Eccentric Allauddin Khilji had grand plans for the Qutub complex. He expanded the “Quwat Ul Islam” mosque, built the magnificent Alai darwaja. He also started work on alai minar which was to be twice as tall and grander than Qutub. Destiny did not give Allauddin time to finish his grandiose dream. He could … Continue reading Alai Minar

पुनश्च महाबळेश्वर

या वर्षी आमची पावसाळी महाबळेश्वर वारी गणपतीत घडली. हो, आम्ही वर्षात दोनदा तरी महाबळेश्वरी जातो. पावसाळ्यात आणि स्ट्रॉबेरी च्या हंगामात. तर या वेळी गणपतीच्या सहाव्या किंवा सातव्या दिवशी आम्ही तिथे होतो. मार्केट रोडवरुन विसर्जनाच्या मिरवणुकी चालल्या होत्या. त्यांचा तो लक्ष्मी रोड आहे ना! मळ मजा वाटली, महाबळेश्वरात गणपती बसत असतील, विसर्जनाच्या मिरवणुकी असतील असं कधी डोक्यातच आलं नाही!  थंडीतलं महाबळेश्वर कसं खास ‘लोकाग्रहास्तव’ असतं. पाहुण्यांसमोर … Continue reading पुनश्च महाबळेश्वर